Who is MAW?

MAW Men at Work s.p.a. is an employment agency that can offer people better job opportunities, to guide you through a career path that responds to your skills, talents, and expectations.

MAW, in satisfying the best match between job demands and offers, over time has specialized in providing various services to facilitate and optimize the company’s human resources management.

MAW has improved the team and now with branches in Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana and Marche, they can satisfy the requests of the many industrial districts, maintaining constant the value of focusing on local resources.

Quality and social responsibility policy

MAW S.p.a. aims to promote:
1. The success of client companies through the most efficient management of human capital
2. The construction of the better professional development of MAW employees (including personnel on leasing contracts).

The first part of the MAW mission highlights its intention to create a partnership relationship with clients, offering a wide-ranging consultation service for the management of human resources within which the administration work is only one of the solutions to attain success, supported by research, selection and professionalizing training.

"we help companies to win thanks to people"

The second part highlights the importance of the satisfaction of personnel who work with MAW and the attempt to enable workers who are "experiencing difficulties" in terms of re-entering the working world. To achieve this we are dedicated to the development of the professionalism of MAW personnel and are accredited as a training entity in a number of the regions in which we operate, offering customised and group training courses to promote insertion/reinsertion in the working world.

On a monthly basis, MAW S.p.a. re-examines a series of performance indicators for “core business” processes to improve constantly the services offered and guarantee added value to the client. Management has defined certain measurable objectives for every organisational process that are listed below:

- Increase the activity of commercial development.
- Improve the efficacy and the efficiency of the recruitment process.
- Improve the efficacy and the efficiency of the mission.
- Improve the efficacy and the efficiency of the planning process and the provision of training.
- Maintain a constant level of monitoring of the missions.

The corporate quality policy, founded on the principles of risk management, is expressed via the definition and implementation of a Quality Management System pursuant to the prescriptions of the UNI EN ISO Regulation No. 9001 of 2015 as a means to guarantee Clients and Employees that the quality of services provided always respects the established standards.
The Quality Control System, constructed based on "Risk Based Thinking" aims to identify the opportunities for improvement of our processes to anticipate risks and threats, complete efficiency and conformity of the MAW services and consequently implement the most suitable actions to prevent the risk in such a manner to manage reduce and eliminate it, if possible.

The MAW Management, assisted by the entire management team and supported on a daily basis by the Organisation and Quality Team, is committed directly to ongoing research into the improvement of services, people, processes and the corporate Management System, all in line with ISO 9001: 2015 international norm to guarantee management efficacy and efficiency.
MAW recognises that the level of established quality can only be achieved via the involvement, commitment and empowerment of each department/person that contributes to the definition, realisation and verification of services and processes. As a result of the above MAW recognises the management of human resources in order to improve the professionalism and the commitment of its personnel as fundamental.

In terms of social responsibility, MAW S.p.a. is committed to respecting:

- The Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- All relevant national and international laws, including the Legislative Decree No. 81 of 2008 and the EU Regulation 679 of 2016

It implements and promotes the following directives:

- to guarantee that the apprenticeship contracts are used in the overall interests of the worker and in collaboration with the training companies, in accordance with the law in force;
- to guarantee a healthy and safe workplace that includes measures for the prevention of accidents and the protection of health, during work and as a result of this;
- to guarantee that all personnel, even new recruits, receive regular and documented training on health and safety;
- to recognise workers’ rights to collective bargaining and free association;
- to guarantee the opposition to forms of discrimination and mental or physical coercion;
- to dialogue in an open manner with all external and internal interested parties, promoting the diffusion and adoption of ethical principles and social responsibility between suppliers, lessees and sub-contractors.

All personnel, at any level, are responsible for the timely application of the prescriptions outlined in the manual and the procedures described in the same.

To ensure that the Quality and Social Responsibility Policy is understood and implemented at all corporate levels, Management will make it available at all branches and that it is re-examined on a constant basis to verify suitability and that it is published on www.maw.it.

Brescia, 2 May 2018
MAW S.p.a. Management
Francesco Turrini


MAW Men at Work s.p.a. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and CRMS FP 07: 2015.

On 14/10/2004 MAW obtained the certification of the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. This certification represents for MAW an indispensable tool to guarantee the quality of the services provided and continuous attention to the customer.

On 21/11/2017 MAW obtained the CRMS FP 07:2015 certification (Credit Risk Management Systems). The certification of the credit management system, integrated with the ISO 9001 Certification system, represents for MAW an organizational management model whose objective is to minimize insolvency problems and late payments thanks to a continuous monitoring of the clients portfolio. This certification therefore guarantees an adequate organization and effective procedures in the management of the trade receivables.

certificazione ISO 9001 certificazione CRMS FP 2015


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