Advanced Electronic Signature

Dear worker,
The relationship between the Employment Agency and the worker upon recruitment requires the use a considerable amount of paperwork. Today it is possible to use digital documents instead of the physical paper forms; indeed, the Italian law allows the use of digital documents to represent “acts, facts or legally significant data” and recognizes its validity “for all effects of law” (D.Lgs. n. 82/2005 subsequently amended). MAW decided to introduce the use of an innovative digital technology with the aim to improve efficiency in signing documents that require one or more handwritten signatures. The way we avoid printing the documents that have to be signed: the advanced electronic signature. The regulations for the advanced electronic signature are contained in the Legislative Decree No 82, March 7 2005-Digital Administration Code, and in the Title V of the DPMC of the 22nd of February 2013, published in the Oficial Gazette on May 21, 2013.

The documents signed by the worker with an advanced electronic signature will be at all effects digital documents that:
Technically satisfy the safety requirements defined by the current law;
Have the same legal value of the paper documents signed with a handwritten signature.

The advanced electronic signature solutions that MAW chooses to use, and that fully respect all the requirement defined by the law, are:
Advanced electronic signature with graphometric identification;
Advanced electronic signature with the use of certifications released with strong OTP authentication mechanisms.

The graphometric signature is comes with a special pen and a high sensibility graphic tablet, this can detect, with extreme accuracy and reliability, the graphic and biometric data of your signature (pressure, speed, position coordinates) and associate it with the digital document reproduced on the tablet’s screen, along with its image.

The signature’s data is electronically enclosed and sealed into the document, with software that guarantees the Holder’s safety and privacy. Specifically, this software allows us exclusively to know the image of your signature, this way no one else will be able to use the sensitive signature data.
The advanced electronic signature, with the use of certifications released with strong OTP authentication mechanisms, allows the exclusive control of the worker that will activate his signature key safely secured on a secure HSM server.
This signature on the digital document will be uniquely associated and is inseparable from every signed document; this way every digital document will have characteristics of authenticity, integrity, and it will be unchangeable, as every digital document with legal value.
The codes and safety measures to access the complete data of the signature are stored by one or more third parties, specifically appointed, that will provide the signature’s data exclusively in the cases prescribed by the law, at the request of the competent authority and/or by request of the rights holder.
Sensitive data, acquired in relation to specific operations, products, and services requested by the holder, will be processed in compliance with the obligations of confidentiality and in observance with the Data Protection Law (D.Lgs. June 30, 2003, n.196)
The signed digital documents are stored for the time established by law and can be recovered, consulted, and printed, also on request.


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