We are the line of business of MAW dedicated to key business talent recruitment.

For over 10 years we have been helping companies to successfully manage change, and we are amongst the leading Recruitment agencies in Italy.

We identify the best talent capable of helping our Clients through key strategic milestones of their growth, for example: generational hand-overs, expansion into new markets, development of new products and services or implementation of new business models.

Through our experience, we take care of each step of the recruitment process of our Clients, from the scoping of their specific needs, to the successful candidates in the new roles.


Outstanding People

We are absolutely convinced that, in a business environment defined by rapid change, where constant innovation appears to be the winning strategy, the best asset for companies is the quality of their employees. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the personnel working in our line of business: we recruit and train the best professional in Human Resources management. What drives us is the sense of achievement of delivering value to companies and contributing to their growth by recruiting high quality people.


Partnership e networking

Thanks to our Clients’ success, we have earned trust and established longstanding connections. On-going relationships, in-depth knowledge and shared success allow us to meet our Clients’ needs in real time and, often, to anticipate them. As we are focused on the same results as our Clients, we help them manage their human resources as an integral part of their team. Moreover, we have developed a nationwide network with the best in class professionals, gaining their trust and taking them through their career moves.

This is the underlying core
asset upon which we are able to find the right person for every requirement.



We are organised in teams of expert advisors, each specialised in different Industries and Functions (job roles). We have consolidated experience working with leading ‘Made in Italy’ companies and their organisational processes. We are familiar with the key decision makers and the business relationships linking Customers and Suppliers. For these reasons, we are able to offer solutions tailored to meet our Clients’ specific needs.


MAW Executive

Our group is specialised in top executive roles headhunting. We deliver successful projects of strategic change based on in-depth Knowledge of Client’s needs and strong consideration of candidates’ career path. We put forward the best candidates for executive management roles.

MAW Selection

We specialise in recruitment and selecting middle managers and administrative staff. We assist our Clients in designing the job description through a best fit analysis of the organisational structure of the company, the role and responsibilities, the skills required, the compensation package offered and the market benchmarking. We analyse the company culture, environment and business values to facilitate a quick and efficient integration into the workforce. We carry out market benchmarking and help build the compensation package. We monitor and actively recommend candidates who have an outstanding experience and/or potential to our Clients.

Maw Search and Selection


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