Our ability to assist client companies in achieving success and employees to have better professional growth comes from the determination with which we follow our Vision: local focus, the excellence of our team, and the ability to bring innovation.
The companies that work with us achieve success in a global market, and to make it possible, in every working site we know how to focus on their specific features and on the characteristics of the territory.
It is indeed the focus on local features that allows us to offer the specific solutions that companies need.
Our Client’s success is deeply connected to the scrupulous attention to the quality of our work: we constantly control the indicators that measure it, we listen carefully to all the suggestions we receive from our Clients, and we change to meet their demands.
Our professional excellence allows us to understand our Clients’ demands so well and to promptly develop the required solutions.
Our Clients achieve success also thanks to the continuous innovation we give them: normative, organizational and technological solutions, all aimed to reduce costs and improve results.

We Belong in the Territory

Winning in a global market with the power given to us by the territory

We are well aware that growing is necessary to achieve success in a global market. However, solutions are found by focusing on specificity and on the territory’s characteristics. Because of this, we have more than 60 branches distributed in all the areas of the North Center of Italy that are strongly rooted in industries.
Every one of them is well established in the territory:
Knows the characteristics, understands the needs, and satisfies the social and economic demands of the local production system.
To meet our Clients’ needs we are “local.” also in the relationship with candidates and employees.
We know those who live in the relevant area, knowing who works and where, we directly know our candidates, their goals, and what they can do, and we have an ongoing relationship with them.

We have excellent people

Choosing an excellent staff

In an ever-changing market, where products, services, instruments, technologies, and even strategies are in constant evolution, one on the few certainties for a company’s success is the quality of their individual members. In MAW, we select and train the best professionals in Human Resources Management. Our consultants know how to understand a company’s needs, and they have the skills and the experience to determine the perfect solutions, they have the motivation and the required values to take charge of a problem until a solution is provided. Every day, with millions of Clients, we directly test the values of our people: for this reason, we are the best partner for companies when it comes to human resources management.

We Bring Innovation

Innovating to always be a step ahead

We bring innovative solutions to companies to boost productivity and reduce expenses. Every year, we invest more resources in researching solutions to improve human resources management in the following areas:
• LEGISLATIVE - we propose solutions that guarantee flexibility and reduce costs of the employment market, we reduce the costs related to a lack of productivity, offer technical skills in managing the relationship with unions and specific support on legislative aspects as required by the Client;
• ORGANIZATIONAL - we improve the organization’s productivity, giving value to people, inspiring them to achieve their goals, speeding up their development path. We also support companies in the review on their internal processes to increase their efficiency.
• TECHNOLOGICAL – our solutions, such as Advanced Electronic Signature, Personnel and Data Timesheets, Electronic Invoices and Reporting allow major time savings, cut down on management costs and on the possibility of errors or data losses, increase the control, the speed of the supply of information and promptness in decision making.
We offer our solutions, our experience, and our expertise to the companies that work with us. Our aim is to develop innovative technical solutions for managing the relationship with our Clients and internal communication processes.


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